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Operations Research

Operations Research (OR) came into existence as a subject or a new field of study during World War II. The concept of operations research was created based on the military operations carried out during this war. Since the war involved important, planned and complicated operations, it is not possible to expect competent solutions from a person in a single discipline. Due to this reason, a group of individuals from various disciplines such as mathematics, economics, statistics and probability theory, etc., have been considered as a team within the military unit to solve such complicated strategic problems occurred in various military operations.

After the war ended, some of the scientists who had been in the military OR groups have developed the theory of the OR approach to make use of this method to various fields such as business, industry, R&D units, and many non-military operations, etc. An important person who played a very important role in the development of Operations Research after the end of war was George B Dantzig. He developed the concept of Linear Programming and a method to solve such programming problems called Simplex Method. In addition, many other tools were also developed by the end of 1950 and those tools includes Queuing Theory, Inventory Theory, Dynamic Programming, and Statistical Quality Control.

Any decision making problem requires an appropriate model to be solved and those models can be classified as follows:

  • Physical Models
  • Symbolic Models
  • Descriptive Models
  • Normative (or Optimization Models)
  • Static Models
  • Predictive Models
  • Dynamic Models
  • Deterministic Models
  • Probabilistic (or Stochastic) Models
  • Analytical Models and
  • Simulation Models.

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