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Data Research, Analysis and Reporting

Research data is information that is collected or created for the purposes of analysis so as to produce results. Several processes can be used in generating research data for different purposes. Research data can be qualitative or quantitative and may be available in print, physical or digital formats. Most researchers create and use data in the digital form.

Research can be performed using existing data or through collection or creation of new data. Among the processes through which data can be generated include experimentation, observation, simulation, compilation or derivation and referencing. Research data covers a wide range of information types including documents and spreadsheets, database contents, contents of an application, models and algorithms, methodologies and workflow, protocols and standard operating procedures among others.

Proper management and organization of research data is crucial to ensure accessibility and usability of research, avoid unnecessary duplication and enable validation of the results when necessary. The basic concepts involved are data storage, protection, analysis, sharing and data reporting

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